Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace

Discerning a Vocation?


Is Jesus Christ calling you to dedicate your whole life to Him?

Not sure? Perhaps some of these questions will help.........

Jesus carries his cross
  • Do you desire to live a life dedicated to God?
  • Do you wish to know Him more closely?
  • Do you have a strong faith in the Catholic Church and the Vicar of Christ?
  • Do you desire to develop a spirit of prayer?
  • Do you receive the sacraments and attend Holy Mass regularly?
  • Do you desire to live a simple life, radiating the peace that only Christ can give?
  • Do you wish to help others know about Christ, His love and His Church?
  • Have you thought about becoming a religious, dismissed the thought and have it keep coming back to you?
  • Do you know any men or women religious?
  • Does their life inspire you?

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, perhaps you should discern a vocation to religious life.


If you feel called to promote unity among Christians, and to pray and work for the reign of truth in the hearts of all men, consecrating your religious life to Jesus Christ, through His Holy Mother according to St. Louis deMontfort's Total Consecration, then please, contact us for more information.

 It is in contemplation of the Crucified Christ that all vocations find their inspiration.  From this contemplation, together with the primordial gift of the Spirit, all gifts, and in particular the gift of the consecrated life, take their origin.  After Mary, the Mother of Jesus, it is John who receives this gift.  John is the disciple whom Jesus loved, the witness who together with Mary stood at the foot of the Cross.  (Vita consecrata #23)