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Our goal is to promote devotion to the Most Holy Rosary to the Brown Scapular of Mt. Carmel.  The Sisters hand make these rosaries and scapulars at an afforable price so all may share in these gifts from Heaven. 

Our rosaries are handmade and each one is unique.  The rosaries are ready upon ordering.  Scapulars are made upon request. Order what you wish.

Please feel free to contact us here, if you have questions. 

St. Louis de Montfort tells us that a love for the Holy Rosary with frequent meditation upon the mysteries of Jesus and Mary is a sign of her true children.

Sister Lucia of Fatima tells us to wear the brown scapular as a sign of our consecration to Mary.  Our Lady has promised that "whoever dies wearing the scapular will not suffer eternal fire."  If you are faithful to Mary, she will be faithful to you and lead you to the Heart of her Son.

** SHIPPING:  Postage covers the cost of supplies and packaging.

Rates based on $1.50 per $5.00 ordered, not to exceed $8.00 for total shipping. (Rates are a little higher for Canada) WE ONLY SHIP TO UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 


  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas

    I ordered and received a beautiful rosary from you in November. Thank You! I am a senior in college and discerning my vocation, I would be grateful for your prayers. Michael Fording

  • Beautiful Scapulars
    Beautiful Scapulars

    May God bless all of you abundantly.  Please Pray for me! Diane

  • Grateful

    Thank you for offering these one of a kind rosaries. I will check back again. They are affordable and make great gifts. Ann Louise

  • Wonderful!

    Hello Sisters, I recently ordered one of your beautiful scapulars and wanted to tell you how beautiful it is.  I really appreciate all the talent and effort that went into creating it.  I can't believe how reasonaly priced it was.  
    Thank you for making the scapulars for me.  His blessings upon you.  Andrea Stewart

  • Dear Sister Mary
    Dear Sister Mary

    I received the scapulars yesterday and they are exceptionally beautiful. I plan to give a few away to family members and the rest to keep for gifts for friends. God bless you and the Sisters for the work you do. Warm regards, Mary Minjeur

  • First Communion Rosaries
    First Communion Rosaries

    What beautiful rosaries for our children! Thank you for the prayers for these precious children and also the First Communion Holy Card that you included. May God bless you.

  • Beautiful!

    Sisters - Just a note of thanks for sending me our scapulars. We've worn the scapular for about a week now and we want to tell you how pleased we are with them. The craftsmanship is excellent. The design and the wool prodcut are simple, reverent and great fit.. I hope to be in touch with you again soon for more of our relatives and friends. Thank you much. Michael and Teresa

  • Magnificent

    Thank you for the most beautiful rosaries. We keep them in a bowl near our front door for people to take. For of them have already been rehomed! We've received so many compliments on their beautiful details. Cannot wait to order more. Thank you!

  • Christmas Gifts
    Christmas Gifts

    I ordered rosaries for all my grandchildren as Christmas gifts this season, along with brown scapulars. The handmake rosaries and the handmade scapulars are beautifully done. Truly awork of art, each one. I love the not you sent along with each rosary explaining that you pray to watch over God's children who use the rosary beads in our Lady's honor. Beautiful! Thank you so much! This will be the most beautiful treasured gift I'll ever be able to offer my grand children. May God bless each and everyone of you and thank you again for your beautiful work. All the very best, Kristin

  • Thank you again!

    Hi Sister Mary!

    I am absolutely awestruck by the beauty and crafting of the Rosaries that I received today. All the rosaries are stunning in their rendering and are like works of art....I feel very blessed receiving these packaged in such lovely brocaded jewel toned little pouches/bags!....so much care and attention to detail and feeling the love and prayers that were devoted in time, efforts and focus in creating both the lovely Rosaries and little gorgeous fabric bags to protect them...

    I showed my husband these and he too was so very impressed by all, including the prayer cards...especially the one with Our Lady of the Rosary....

    Thank you for sending blessings and prayers our way, and I plan on gifting some of these Rosaries, and I know that these will be much utilized in prayer by those who will receive them...friends, family and other

    Thank you so much!....receiving these today in Brooklyn made the day so very special....and gave me joy during a rather stressful period in our family....These Rosaries are blessings! All the best from NYC! Margit and family


A Work of Love

Making rosaries

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